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Seated: Amanda Hill, CRNP; F.C. Gapultos, Jr. M.D; Misty Thrasher, CRNP Standing: Tammy Burns, LPN; Kim Bullion-Multi-Task Specialist; Josie Yuchongco- Insurance Specialist; Sharon Shepherd-Receptionist; Christina Seal, LPN; and Julie Freeman, LPN-Office Manager.

More so than in any other medical specialty, the practice of OB-GYN requires mutual understanding, respect and confidence. I strive to offer you the best and highest standards of OB-GYN care available and request that you reciprocate by having confidence in my judgment. If you have questions, please ask me and never hesitate to request another opinion if you have any doubts.

While I do not practice general medicine, I will handle any medical problems I can or make referrals for problems outside my specialty.

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